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Do you need dentures in Baltimore? Looking for a great team of dentists? Welcome to Gentle Dental, Baltimore, Maryland's premier denture service provider. Contact us in Glen Burnie at 410-921-9517.

Dr. Daniel Maloof and the staff at Gentle Dental have been dedicated to improving the lives of denture wearers in Baltimore, MD and the surrounding areas since 1978.

Our Primary Goals:

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Attractive Smiles
  • Maximum Comfort
  • Fantastic Chewing Ability
  • Maximum Tightness

We even offer 100 % Patient Satisfaction with a full, 60 day money-back guarantee!

About Us

Gentle Dental has serviced thousands of satisfied patients in the Baltimore, MD area over our last 25 years in business. We are a leader in denture development and progress. Over the years, we have pioneered soft dentures, bionic molars, and the denture-wearers training program. We also feature mini implants to anchor lower dentures and sensible step-by-step plans for first time denture-wearers. At the same time, we work to save good teeth whenever possible.

Before beginning treatment, we offer free initial consultations for all of our new patients. We want to make sure we get to know you and your dental situation and give you a chance to get to know us. The consultation will help us determine exactly what plan is right for you, as well as helping you to feel more comfortable. No matter what your dental problem is, we can give you valuable information!

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